Community Gardens

Launched in May 2010, Morehead's first community garden features 28 plots on the corner of Bridge and Triplett Streets. In 2011, Sustainable Morehead added an additional site in the Forest Hills area. 

Sign up for a plot today by downloading the application form and mailing it to one of our garden managers (addresses included on form).  

Gardening Tips

  • It is important that you be aware of the planting season for each crop you chose. Some plants, such as collards, lettuce, spinach, carrots, beets, onions, and radishes can be planted early in the season while summer crops such as tomatoes, beans, corn, peppers are planted later (mid-May).
  • There are some types of flowers, such as marigolds and nasturtiums, that may be planted to help ward off insects. Plant these around your garden to help keep your veggies and other plants healthy.
  • Introduce yourself to fellow gardeners. Get to know your garden neighbors and others who are gardening with you this year. Keep an eye out for each other's gardens, and have someone look after your garden when you are out of town or unable to check in on it. 

Sustainable Morehead Community Garden Rules and Regulations

I agree to:
  1. Participate in the spring garden cleanup event held in April (Date TBA); 
  2. Keep my garden in good condition with watering, cultivating and weeding; 
  3. Communicate with the garden managers and fellow gardeners regarding any special planting needs; 
  4. Supervise children and pets at all times when they are at the garden site. (If you bring your pet, please keep on a leash and out of other people’s gardens); 
  5. Use only organic herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers; 
  6. Keep plants from spilling over into the walkways between plots or other garden plots (This helps the mower and helps your plants to not get mulched by the mower!); 
  7. Mow or assist in mowing once or twice during the growing season around the perimeter and between the plots. This will be mutually agreed upon by me and garden managers If I cannot mow/assist when your time comes, it is my responsibility to get a replacement and notify the managers of this change (Mowing schedules will be posted via email and each site); 
  8. Clean up my garden plot at the end of the growing season and to join in the fall garden clean-up day in November (Date TBA); 
  9. Forfeit my right to sue the owner of the garden property and the Sustainable Morehead organization; 
  10. Refrain from smoking at the garden site; 
  11. By signing the application for a garden site, I agree to the above.

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The Mountlake Terrace sites is organized for charitable and educational purposes to advance civic improvement, landscape design, and the fine art of gardening.

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